New Year. New everything.

I don't think it's fair to judge one year over the other, but some years are, well better than others.  If you work in startups (or any project driven or based environment), your life revolves around timelines, deadlines and whether or not you're able to successfully launch a product.  But depending on how you quantify success, if you're always learning, then it's really more about how you will be able to apply those lessons and experiences to a greater good.

What's great about startup life is that if you're always challenging yourself, working your ass off and are surrounded by people better than you, then you stand a chance at becoming better at something. 

Since starting Vnylst I've become a lot better at this design thing and am looking forward to sharing what I've learned with new teams that are passionate about the impact they hope to make on the world.

Meanwhile, I'm joined by Eric Paxton and Jon Bauer at Vnylst, where we're focusing on music moments and community around the vinyl record.

Here's to the new year. Here's to new everything.