My Design Process, Outlined

Every designer and team has a process for getting sh*t done. I've spent a lot of time figuring out the best way to work solo and with teams on site or on a remote basis. I believe in early and often feedback-I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and dig sharing even the ugliest of napkin sketches 😜. 

This particular approach has been tempered and refined with the last three engineering teams I've had a chance to work with, and has proven to create transparency, support iterative and validation driven ux best practices, shipping quickly, implementing designs into code, also capturing feedback and improving the products I've gotten a chance to build.  For each design phase or job, I've listed the tools below.  This is an outline that I'll be deconstructing in future posts.

Thanks for having a look and be sure to let me know what you think if something moves ya.


A.  Understand the who it is for:

  • What problem does this solve and for whom?
  • Define Happiness using the Heart UX Framework (will be used throughout iterating and prototyping)

B.  Define & Prioritize 

Frame problem(s) as a job(s) the list them in an order of the most importance.

  • When (situation) [__________], I want (desire / motivation) [__________], so that I can (outcome) [__________], allowing me to (benefit).

Example:  "When I'm planning an event with a friend (situation), I want my availability to be automatically matched (desire) with those whom I'm making plans with, so that our best times are paired-allowing us to confirm our best times to connect or to decide on where, saving us both time (benefit)."

C. Outline or chart each job in task flows using Mindnode...

Download PDF example. 

D. Define tasks for completing each job (sometimes the hard way and the way I envision)...

E. Prioritize tasks into views...

F. Sketch…(get feedback)

F. Iterate…(level up fidelity, get feedback)

G. Measure against success defined by UX Framework and prototype…(collaborate / get feedback)

H. Iterate (get feedback)

I. Ship

J. Engage, interview, and observe...

K. Iterate…get feedback, calibrate definitions of customer success

L. Repeat H. through L. 

*Often times these steps overlap depending on resources, time, constraints, and design culture.


Pencil and paper or Paper for iPad (sketching)

Mindnode (for flow / task diagrams)

Sketch App (for wire framing and design)

Invision (for prototyping)

Zeplin (for specs) 

Pixate (for interaction and motion)