Craigslist Concept

So I stumbled across this quick and dirty lo-fi mock up of a Craigslist Redesign concept from 2011.  

I'll share a bit about what I felt were justified design decisions that were part of my thinking when approaching the concept. 

Local & Fair: Craigslist is a local to global site that connects community members and visitors to those around them.  Listings, missed connections and community focused events are what have made it a staple for over a decade.

I think what really strikes me as an improvement in this design is an ability to toggle things like price, filter neighborhoods in an area, allowing you to narrow down and expand listings in a way that works much like an e-zine or aggregator. 

Tags: Since people use Craigslist primarily for searching, the idea of filtering out results via tags would help visitors find what they need without having to always enter key words atop of the header, therefore starting the search over. When I visit Craigslist, I'm really hoping to weed out the things that are spammy and often times repetitive.  If I don't like what I see, then it'd be great if I could  filter by "-Tag", pulling it out of my feed. 

Events: This concept aggregates relative events in the calendar on the right. It's just one way to emphasize the community aspect of the site, no matter what guests come to the site to do. 

Suggestions: Lastly, by allowing users to see what "like" articles or posts that have been favorited, this concept lends itself more of a resource destination for local things of interests.  

Osandi Sekoú Robinson