Unifi Video




unifi video for ipad


  • UX, UI Design

  • Stories Documentation

  • Prototyping



  • Shipped Beta in 90 Days

  • 4.5 Rating in App Store Upon Release

  • Evangelized Design & Review Sprint Process

  • Introduced Invision Prototyping to Team of 8 Designers & 12 Engineers


The User

  • Small to Medium Brick & Mortar Business Owner

  • Security Guard

  • Custodial / Operations Administrator




  • When an area has motion activity during non-business hours (or within a restricted area) 

  • Breaking and entering

  • Twenty-four hour surveillance (or scheduled)

  • Suspicious activity



  • Created a features matrix from web POC

  • Interviewed WISP and Small Business Owners 

  • Created Jobs to Be Done Based on User Situations

  • Prioritized Feature Set Based on Frequent Needs

  • Sketch

  • Wireframe

  • Prototype


We would ship a beta of UnifiVideo approximately 60 days after starting the design and usability testing sessions. For an idea of how this turned out, select the prototype hotspots below for a demo of a high-level simulation of Unifi Video for iPad. Or you can download from the AppStore.