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Crates is High


Crates is High

Hip Hop and inspired streetwear. Hip Hop and inspired music on vinyl delivered monthly.



  • Shopify Ecommerce Site Design
  • Product / Merchandising Development
  • Branding and Identity


I started Crates is High in order to create a Hip Hop focused streetwear and record club; a brand that subsides under VNYLST Inc. This development fell on the heels of having built a PopUp shop for VNYLST so to re-engage my earliest followers with exclusive products, but also to reinvigorate the brand.

 My work necessitated:

  • User Experience, UI, Visual Design
  • Apparel Merchandising and Brand Design
  • Copywriting
  • Business-design Strategy
  • Partnerships
  • Growth


I had been looking for ways to channel my earliest inspiration (Hip Hop) for VNYLST, yet respect the broad musical interests of the company's 20K following. When you create a niche brand focused on the interest of collectors of music, you have to tread a rather fine of promoting specific music genres; something I discovered while engaging an audience I substantially grew over the social web.

The solution

Test concepts through merchandise and apparel. The one that 'stuck' turned out to be the best basis for a subsidiary identity, as well as provided an opportunity to test a fully remote, on-demand drop-shipping business at scale. 



Crates is High Shop has been such a huge learning success, as it provided a platform for building a fully remote drop-shipping business using Shopify.

No shade, but as an entrepreneur who hasn't always been able to finance a team, this allowed to build quickly and autonomously, reducing development, engineering, as well as overhead costs. Crates is High Shop is the basis for the Hip Hop record club I'll be launching this year, with preorders beginning as soon as mid April.

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