User Experience Research

I hold a Nielsen Norman UX Certificaiton, specializing in Analytics and UX, Job Stories, Usability Testing. 

I perform both quantitative and qualitative remote user research and have strong experience in creating Lean UX Strategy Briefs.


UI & Visual Design

I'm a full stack UI Designer with strong attention to layout, color, typography and content. I develop style-guides, agnostic to screen sizes, on brand and always compelling.


If it sounds like we'd be a great match, don't hesitate to get in touch. I love collaborating with designers, product owners, from small to large teams!


User Experience Design

I'm a bread and butter UX Designer who can transform ideas into user-centered hierarchal views, hi-fidelity wireframes and click through prototypes.


Growth Design

As a communication designer, my work features a range of compelling visuals, including Instagram and Snapchat stories, emails and banners that are compelling as well as engaging.