You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

-Buddhist  Proverb


I design and prototype digital experiences, build brands, curate music, and take photos on my iPhone.

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VNYLST's Osandi Robinson's On Learning to Lead Virtually

Fast Company Magazine

by Senior Editor, Ellen McGirt

Projects, Clients & Tenure


Powersupply - Los Angeles, CA

Principal Product Designer (Consultant)

Shipped: Iterations to

Designed: Powersupply Native (project postponed)


Ubiquiti Networks - Los Angeles, CA

Principal Product Designer / Android & iOS Expert

Shipped: Air CRM Field, UniFi Video for iPad

Designed: UnifiAlarm (project postponed)


Layer, Inc. - San Francisco, CA

Lead Mobile Product Designer & Prototyper

Shipped:  iOS & Android Mobile Sample Apps (Layer Chat)

Implemented Job Stories framework into Agile Development


VNYLST, Inc. - Los Angeles, CA

Founder & CEO

Prototyper & Head of Product & Design

Shipped: Cross-Platform Crowdfunding Site, Vinyl Record Product Line, Responsive Ecommerce Site

"Dig" for iOS in Currently Alpha


Docstoc (acquired by Intuit)- Los Angeles, CA

UX Designer (Consultant)

Shipped: Document Editor


Square - San Francisco, CA

Product Insights Analyst

Shipped: Square Register, Square Card Case


Apple, Inc. - Cupertino, CA

UX Researcher

Shipped: iRepair, Apple Retail's CRM


Apple Retail - San Jose & San Francisco, CA

Mac Genius

iOS Expert, Certified Trainer and Technician

Highest NPS (89%) for Bay Area in Technician Role


OSXyZ, LLC (Consulting) - Los Angeles, CA

Lead UX & UI Designer



Great Place to Work



iOS & Material Design

Wireframe Design

User Interface Design

Task Flow Design





Sketch App









"Besides being a great designer with an unparalleled eye for detail, Osandi is one of the best I've seen at motivating his team. I've seen him go from concept to product with minimal resources. He's not only passionate about what he does, but he works harder than anyone else to bring it to fruition. If I made the decision to run my own company, he would be the first one I'd hire to help execute the vision."

Eric Paxton, Senior Web Engineer, Think Shout

"Osandi's profound and selfless compassion for the user, brought a vibrant perspective to the UI and UX team. An amazing mobile designer and by far one of the most talented designers I've had the pleasure of working with. A true rockstar in our field of design."

Justin White, UX Product Designer, DataScience

"Osandi's penchant and aptitude for optimizing user experience is a breath of fresh air in the technology industry. His genuine care for clients and customers produces high value to relationships and products. He is a rare balance of technical skill and social grace."

C.M. Samala, Founding Director, 18MR

Education & Philantropy


Bachelor of Science, International Business

University of North Carolina at Charlotte



Mobile UX Workflow

Instructor, General Assembly-Los Angeles

Building Your Business on Squarespace

Instructor, Impact Hub-Oakland

Current Headspace & OBSESSIONS


Humanizing mobile commerce through messaging for vinyl record collectors, merchants and record store owners. Tech inclusion and social impact through platform design.  Photography, fashion design, and yoga!  Yep. Yoga!