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Designer, Founder, Strategist & Growth Lead


  • Product Developer

  • UX & UI Designer 

  • Creative Director

  • Copywriter

  • Content Strategist

  • Growth Lead


-Developed Brand and Exclusive Product Line

-Built Dig for iOS (Proof of Concept)

-Featured in Fastcompany, Betalist and Brazilian Media

-Launch Hand-coded Crowdfunding Site (Remote Team of 6)

-Curate radio, mixes and thought pieces on music culture

-Influence 50K Vinyl Record Enthusiasts




Goal & motivations

“I suffer from the delusion that every product of my imagination is not only possible, but always on the cusp of becoming real.”

– Sean Parker, Napster


Inspired by the timelessness of the format, how the record preserves emotion, at times undisclosed to the world from which it came, I wanted to create a mark that was iconic as the format itself, and products that got better with age. I wanted to speak to a specific audience and breed of collector. The crate digger.

The collector who is the archive-ist, analy-st, and occasional scient-ist of vinyl.

The Vinyl-st or VNYLST.


Just a little bit...